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Citizen testimony at the Metro "Making the Greatest Place" public hearing

October 15th, 2009

Video of testimony presented by Save Helvetia members and other supporters

Save Helvetia thanks Tualatin Valley Community TV (TVCTV) for the video source material.  They did a much better job than we could have!

Select any image below to access the video.

Charlie Young

Allen Amabisca
Infrastructure costs

Faun Hosey

Marianne Mauldin

Catherine Bax

Becky Sowders

Jim Emerson

Stuart Wilson

Brian Beinlich

Cherry Amabisca

Casey Schoch
Dairy farmer

Spencer Gates
4th generation

Pam Gates

Donna Gamble
CSA member

Mara Gross
(part 1)

Mara Gross
(part 2)

Greg Malinowski
CSA farmer

Susan Peter

Noel Arnold

Joe Rayhawk

Greg Mecklem

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