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Citizen testimony at the Washington County public hearing

August 20th, 2009

Video of testimony presented by Save Helvetia members and other supporters

Save Helvetia thanks Tualatin Valley Community TV (TVCTV) for the video source material.  They did a much better job than we could have!

Select any image below to access the video.

Pam Gates
Century farm family

Matt Furrow

Ryan Stadelman

Greg Mecklem

Lyn Jacobs
CSA farmer

Steve Radtke
CSA farmer

Patti Bailey

Robert Bailey

Mary Pruitt
Elk habitat

Gary Price
White Oak inventory

Allen Amabisca

Cherry Amabisca

Becky Sowders
Swiss heritage

Steve Kasper

Catherine Keith

Brian Beinlich

Noel Arnold

Sharon Black

Wendy Mortenson

Brent Johnson
CSA member

Greg Malinowski

Dan Bloom

Jim Ourada

Tara Sulzen

Brenda McCoy
CSA member

Diana Yates

Dan Swerbilov
CSA member

Carol Chesarek
Infrastructure costs

James Just

Steve LeSage

John Platt

Edmund Duyck

Diane Jacobs
CSA member

David Morelli
Growth subsidies

Jim Lubicher

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